Membership Form

Service Club Membership is a proactive approach to HVAC service offered by Weathervane Heating & Cooling, Inc. With equipment that is more sophisticated and the requirement of extended warranties having annual maintenance, the service maintenance plan provides peace of mind and outstanding reliability for your HVAC equipment.

Service Club Membership Benefits Include:

  1. Peace of Mind / Extended Equipment Life - If you take care of your units by taking advantage of a maintenance agreement you could extend the lives of your furnace and air conditioner by up to 50 percent. Maintenance will mean fewer system failures.
  2. Scheduled Reminders - As each heating and cooling season approaches, many HVAC contractors become very busy with cleanings and inspections. If you're part of a maintenance agreement, you'll receive reminders before schedules start filling up so that you'll have your units ready in time for each summer and winter.
  3. Preferred Customer Status / Priority Service - If your unit breaks down and you're in need of a quick repair, you'll get priority service over customers who are not part of the maintenance agreement.
  4. Documentations of Maintenance - It's very important to have documentation of each time you have maintenance on your units. This will allow you to keep valid warranties and provide proof of the condition of your systems if you're selling your home.
  5. Savings / Discounted Prices - Although maintenance agreements cost a monthly fee, you'll make that money back on all kinds of savings from future costs on parts and labor.

If you have any specialty equipment not listed, such as a boiler, geothermal or tankless water heater, please call the office to create a customized plan to fit your needs.

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I understand that the agreement is an automatically renewing agreement. Once membership is obtained, canellation can not occur for 12 months after the contract/membership start date.